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Let's talk about fall and winter hair health!  Your luscious locks are loving your leggings, scarves, and adorable cold-weather accessories and totally complete the look, whether you go with loose waves, bold braids, or an easy, breezy updo.  Just like skin, your hair can suffer damage in the dry air of winter and you have the power to prevent it!  A few tips from the top will help to keep your hair as bright as holiday lights!


First, turn down the heat--on many levels. A hot, steaming shower is the greatest thing ever on a cold day, but your best bet is to keep exposure to that warm water to less than 5 minutes to help prevent the stripping of natural moisture from your mane.  Likewise, skipping the blowdryer or stretching out your days between washes will do you even better!  Don't hesitate to say no to shampoo and give your hair a quick rinse and conditioning treatment once in awhile.  Stay hydrated, don't forget the vitamin C (which will stimulate your body's natural production of collagen), and cover up!  A cute slouchy beanie or headscarf will not only help you stay warm (and look fab!), but will protect your beautiful strands from unnecessary exposure to wind and chill.  


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