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revitalizing avocado & mayo mask

Avocados--goodness gracious, they're delicious!  What do they have to do with hair, you ask?  For a quick, inexpensive treatment for dry hair, try mashing the fruit of one avocado with 1 cup of mayonnaise.  Massage the mixture into your hair, put on a shower cap, and let it sit for 20 minutes before shampooing and rinsing thoroughly.  Voila!  An easy DIY recipe for gorgeous locks.  This is a fantastic treatment for you lovely pregnant ladies who are noticing changes in your hair due to hormones--all-natural and chemical-free!

avocado Professional Blow Out At Home

get the look of a professional blow out at home

dont forget cleaning for your styling tools

Yes, indeed, we take it THAT seriously.  While you're deep-cleaning your closets and organizing your garage (okay, you're really organizing your shoes and taking inventory of nail polish, right?!) don't forget your styling tools!  To remove dirt, oil and grime from product buildup, take a cloth and soak it with lukewarm water. Make sure all your heating tools are unplugged and cooled down, then take the cloth and gently clean them off, letting them completely dry before using them again.  VOILA!  You'll feel accomplished after breathing new life into your trusty tools!